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Shelby Roofing Metro St. Louis
Shelby Roofing Metro St. Louis

Shelby Roofing - St. Louis Metro
Shelby Roofing & Exteriors offers Solid Tuckpointing: removal of all old mortar a minimum of ” deep and replacement of new mortar in all masonry joints. There are numerous colorants that can be added to achieve your desired appearance. Sometimes a solid tuckpointing job is not necessary and a Spot Tuckpointing can save you costs. Spot tuckpointing targets various areas in need of mortar replacement on an as needed basis. We also do complete rebuilding and relaying of chimneys from the roof line up. All tuckpointing jobs are complete with an acid washing and waterproofing of the entire masonry surface. Waterproofing and sealing helps prolong the life of the tuckpointed area by resisting the weather elements that cause water intrusion, cracking, spalling and staining. We also offer Chase cover and Cap replacement in galvanized and stainless steel..


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